Why am I so drained on a regular basis and don’t have any power? I’ve seen recently that after I ask pals how they’re doing, half the time their response is both “drained,” “exhausted,” or “beat”—it’s nearly as if being worn out is simply one other a part of our busy, modern-day lives that we’re in some way imagined to get used to.

However I consider that when our our bodies and minds are in sync and wholesome, we should always really feel superb and energized even when our schedules are full. If we’re getting enough rest, exercising, and eating foods that fuel us, we should always really feel robust, glad, and alert. However as most of us know, that’s simpler mentioned than executed, and there are a number of explanation why it’s possible you’ll be feeling mysteriously drained.

Scroll on to seek out out a number of the most typical causes—then make some life-style modifications (or get to your physician ASAP) so you may rediscover the power it’s essential to really feel your best possible!


Even slight dehydration has been shown to cause moodiness and fatigue in women; other signs can include headaches and inability to concentrate. It’s an easy fix: just drink more fluid throughout the day! Women should consume, on average, 2.7 liters of fluids (or about 11.5 cups) a day, extra if it’s sizzling exterior otherwise you’ve been exercising. I attempt to maintain an enormous bottle of water on my desk whereas I’m working or within the automobile after I’m driving, so I can constantly sip all through the day.

Not getting enough sleep

Before you roll your eyes at how obvious this one is, think about it: are you really getting seven to eight hours every night? Because that’s the amount the National Sleep Foundation recommends most people need. Well actually, that’s the suggestion for people over age 64—they advise seven to nine hours for people between the ages 18 to 64. And if you’re not getting that much, then it’s probably the main cause of your fatigue. Make an effort to get to bed earlier, and stick to a regular nighttime routine that encourages a restful nights’ sleep.

Sleep apnea

Sometimes people think they’re getting a good night’s sleep, but if you suffer from sleep apnea, you expertise quick bursts of wakefulness by the night time attributable to transient interruptions in your respiratory. It’s additionally not a situation that must be taken evenly. The Mayo Clinic states that sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder as a result of your respiratory repeatedly stops and begins. In the event you snore loudly and really feel drained even after a full night time’s sleep, you might need sleep apnea. Since folks typically aren’t even conscious that they’ve it, a physician could order a sleep check to diagnose.

Not fueling your body with the right food

Eating too little is an obvious issue, but eating the wrong foods can also be a major drain on your energy levels. Data shows that consuming much less fiber, extra saturated fats, and extra sugar all through the day is linked with lighter, much less restorative sleep. In a single examine, researchers tracked weight loss program, and sleep for a bunch of wholesome adults over the course of 5 nights and located that certainly, food choices during the day did affect sleep. So, together with protein (eggs, fish, meat, lentils), wholesome fat (avocado, nuts), and good-for-you-carbs (fruit, slower processed grains like quinoa and oats) gives you long-burning power. Easy carbs and sugar will make you crash and burn.


In particular, iron deficiency anemia is among the frequent causes for fatigue in women and is extra frequent throughout being pregnant. Whereas initially, it may be so gentle it typically goes unnoticed, as soon as the physique turns into extra poor in iron and anemia worsens, the indicators and signs intensify. A few of these signs embrace excessive fatigue, weak point, complications/dizziness, chilly arms and ft, and extra. See your physician for some blood checks in your iron ranges then take a high-quality complement, and incorporate iron-rich foods into your weight loss program.

Not getting enough exercise

It may seem counterintuitive, but anyone who regularly works out will tell you that breaking a sweat actually gives you more energy throughout the day. And The Mayo Clinic backs it up: “Train delivers oxygen and vitamins to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work extra effectively.” It simply is sensible—when your coronary heart and lung well being enhance, you might have extra power to deal with each day chores. I attempt to get my coronary heart price up each morning, and even higher if it’s exterior (sunshine is among the only pure energizers!) On days the place I skip my AM exercise, I undoubtedly really feel extra sluggish by the point the afternoon hits.


Your thyroid controls how fast or slow your body converts fuel into energy, and hypothyroidism (a situation wherein your thyroid gland doesn’t produce sufficient of sure essential hormones) implies that it’s under-active which might result in weight problems, joint ache, infertility, and coronary heart illness. Fatigue can also be a facet impact of this situation. Head to the physician for a blood check in case you suppose it’s possible you’ll have to get your thyroid checked.

Food allergies or sensitivities

If you have an undiagnosed food allergy or sensitivity or suffer from environmental allergies, you could be in a cycle of inflammation and fatigue also known as brain fog. Allergist and immunologist Mark Aronica, MD informed Cleveland Clinic that this disconnected feeling is fatigue, and it’s attributable to the irritation that outcomes when your physique tries to counteract your allergy signs. Attempt eliminating sure meals to check your intolerance ranges (a easy elimination diet is an effective begin), and see in case your fatigue improves. You too can see a useful drugs physician (Dr. Will Cole has a whole book on inflammation) who can run a full spectrum of checks that will help you pinpoint any sensitivities.


Many people don’t realize that depression has physical symptoms as well as emotional ones. If you’ve been feeling down and tired for a few weeks, especially combined with a loss of appetite or headaches, consider seeing a doctor or speak with someone that can help. SAMHSA’s Nationwide Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year remedy referral and knowledge service. Name: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

This submit was initially printed on July 26, 2016, and has since been up to date. 


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