Final night time, Alex satisfied me to look at…

The Blair Witch Project. Have you ever seen it? The 1999 American horror movie true story follows three pupil documentary makers who get misplaced in a forest in Maryland — and start listening to terrifying noises.

“Why are we watching this?” I stored asking Alex. “This isn’t a approach to have a enjoyable night time.”

“Simply give it just a few extra minutes,” he stored saying. “It will get good.”

However ultimately, I felt too spooked and we turned it off — after which I watched a couple of minutes of Schitt’s Creek to cleanse my palate.

Bear in mind this spoof trailer which makes The Shining appear to be a romantic comedy?

And this When Harry Met Sally trailer remixed as a horror movie?

Do you watch scary motion pictures? What are your favorites? (Though I’m a wuss, I preferred Parasite and Get Out.)

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