There has been a growing demand for plant-based alternatives in the food industry, and one of the latest ventures to cater to this demand is Neat Burger. This vegan fast-food chain has made waves with its delicious and cruelty-free menu, and it is gaining more attention with the opening of its first permanent US location in New York City's Nolita neighborhood. Co-founded by the renowned Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, Neat Burger aims to provide a dining experience that is not only good for the planet but also satisfies the taste buds of vegans and non-vegans alike.

Overview of Neat Burger

Neat Burger, as the name suggests, specializes in creating tasty and nutritious plant-based burgers. The chain aims to redefine fast food by offering a menu that is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. Neat Burger prides itself on using sustainable ingredients that are free from GMOs, chemicals, and preservatives. Their commitment to ethical, animal-free food has attracted a large following of health-conscious individuals and those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Lewis Hamilton's involvement in co-founding the vegan burger chain

Lewis Hamilton, the legendary Formula One driver and a passionate advocate for veganism and animal rights, is one of the co-founders of Neat Burger. Hamilton, who has been vocal about his plant-based lifestyle, saw an opportunity to combine his love for sustainable food and his passion for racing. He recognized the lack of vegan options in the fast-food industry and decided to take matters into his own hands. By co-founding Neat Burger, Hamilton aims to make plant-based food more accessible and desirable for everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences.

Location of the first permanent US location in New York City's Nolita neighborhood

The first permanent US location of Neat Burger can be found in the vibrant Nolita neighborhood of New York City. Nolita, short for “North of Little Italy,” is known for its trendy shops, fashionable cafes, and diverse culinary scene. It is the perfect location for Neat Burger's debut in the United States, as it attracts both locals and tourists who are eager to explore innovative and sustainable dining options. The restaurant's prime location ensures that it is easily accessible to a wide audience and creates a buzz among food enthusiasts in the city.

Menu offerings, including veganized all-American classics

Neat Burger offers a mouthwatering menu that showcases a variety of veganized all-American classics. From their signature Neat Burger to hearty Beyond Meat hot dogs, the chain aims to satisfy cravings while promoting sustainable choices. Their menu also includes delicious side options like tater tots and crispy onion rings. Neat Burger understands the importance of variety, and they ensure there are options available for different dietary preferences and tastes. Whether you are a long-time vegan or a curious omnivore, Neat Burger's menu is sure to impress.

Expansion plans with 30 more locations

With the successful opening of its first US location, Neat Burger has its eyes set on expansion. The chain is planning to open 30 more locations across the United States, bringing their unique take on plant-based fast food to even more people. This expansion demonstrates the growing demand for vegan options in the fast-food industry and Neat Burger's commitment to making a positive impact on food sustainability. With each new location, the chain aims to redefine the perception of fast food and inspire others to make conscious choices when it comes to their meals.

Recent $100 million fundraising round supporting growth

To support their ambitious expansion plans, Neat Burger recently completed a fundraising round that brought in a staggering $100 million in investment. The successful round of funding not only showcases the growing interest in plant-based dining but also provides Neat Burger with the financial resources needed to execute their expansion strategy effectively. With this substantial investment, the chain can continue to innovate, improve their menu offerings, and create an even more significant impact on the fast-food industry.

Operating hours and days of operation

Neat Burger prides itself on providing convenient service to its customers. The restaurant operates seven days a week, from 10:30 am until 10 pm. This extended operating hours ensure that customers can enjoy a delicious plant-based meal at any time of the day. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch or a late-night snack, Neat Burger is ready to satisfy your cravings with their sustainable and tasty menu options.


Lewis Hamilton's Vegan Burger Chain Just Opened Its First US Location in New York City's Nolita neighborhood and has already made waves in the fast-food industry. With its commitment to ethical, plant-based dining, Neat Burger is reshaping the way people perceive fast food. From their tasty burger options to their recent fundraising success, Neat Burger is leading the charge for sustainable and delicious vegan options in the market. With its plans for expansion and dedication to providing high-quality food, Neat Burger is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the ever-growing plant-based food movement.

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