New York City's First-Ever Vegan Night Market is set to dazzle food enthusiasts with its impressive lineup of plant-based delicacies. Located at Central Park's picturesque Wollman Rink, this exciting event is poised to make history in the city's vibrant food scene. With over 25 vendors showcasing a diverse range of vegan cuisines, this market aims to offer a sustainable and ethical food experience for all. Highlighting the achievements of minority and women-owned businesses, this event promises to showcase the incredible talent and creativity within the vegan community. Whether you're a long-time vegan or simply curious about plant-based cuisine, this night market is an opportunity not to be missed.


Amidst the bustling city lights and skyscrapers, New York City's First-Ever Vegan Night Market Just Arrived to add a unique touch to the culinary landscape. As the demand for plant-based options continues to grow, this groundbreaking event offers a vibrant and diverse range of vegan food choices for all to enjoy. From savory delights to sweet treats, visitors can expect a tantalizing assortment of offerings that are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly.

Event Details

Taking place at Central Park's Wollman Rink, the Vegan Night Market introduces a fresh and innovative dimension to food events in the city. Showcasing over 25 vendors, the market invites attendees to embark on a culinary adventure through a multitude of plant-based cuisines. From Asian-inspired dishes to classic American favorites, there is something to suit every taste bud.

Vendor Highlights

The Vegan Night Market is a melting pot of talent, where vendors come together to present their unique creations. Each vendor adds their own twist to vegan cuisine, creating a diverse and exciting culinary experience. From renowned vegan chefs to up-and-coming culinary entrepreneurs, the market showcases the immense skill and innovation within the vegan community.

One standout vendor at the market is Chef Mei, offering mouthwatering Asian-inspired vegan dishes. Known for her delectable dumplings and flavorful stir-fries, Chef Mei brings an elevated and authentic taste of the East to the city's vegan food scene. Another not-to-be-missed vendor is Sweet Plantain, offering a delightful range of vegan desserts. From indulgent cookies to creamy cheesecakes, Sweet Plantain's creations prove that veganism and delicious desserts can go hand in hand.

Promoting Sustainable and Ethical Food Choices

New York City's First-Ever Vegan Night Market stands as a beacon of sustainability and ethical food choices. In an era where the impact of our food decisions on the environment is at the forefront, the market showcases the possibilities of a plant-based lifestyle. By promoting sustainable practices and highlighting the benefits of veganism, the event encourages attendees to make conscious choices that are beneficial for both their health and the planet.

Through delicious plant-based dishes, the market aims to dispel the notion that vegan food is bland or limited in variety. With each bite, attendees can experience the incredible flavors and textures that can be achieved without the use of animal products. From innovative plant-based meat substitutes to vibrant fruit and vegetable-based creations, the Vegan Night Market ignites culinary imagination and shows that vegan food is anything but dull.

Supporting Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

Central to the vision of New York City's First-Ever Vegan Night Market is the celebration and upliftment of minority and women-owned businesses. With 70 percent of vendors owned or founded by people of color, and 50 percent being women-owned businesses, the market demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the vegan community.

This platform provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds to showcase their skills and creativity. By highlighting these businesses, the market seeks to create a more inclusive and equal culinary landscape. Attendees can support and celebrate the accomplishments of these visionary entrepreneurs while enjoying delicious plant-based fare.

Cost and Admission Details

New York City's First-Ever Vegan Night Market is free to enter, allowing attendees to explore the offerings and indulge in a delightful vegan feast. Prices for food items range from $5 to $15, making it accessible for all budgets. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just curious about plant-based cuisine, this event offers an affordable and exciting opportunity to discover new flavors and dishes.

The market's pricing structure ensures that attendees can sample a wide variety of vegan treats, whether they're looking to satisfy their taste buds or explore unique flavor combinations. The range of prices also caters to different dietary preferences, allowing attendees to choose a range of dishes that suit their individual tastes and preferences.

Schedule and Duration

New York City's First-Ever Vegan Night Market will take place every Tuesday evening until October 10, 2023. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to the city, this regular event offers a consistent opportunity to enjoy a vibrant vegan food scene. The market's duration allows for multiple visits, ensuring that attendees can explore a dynamic and ever-changing array of vendors and food options.

Each Tuesday evening, the market comes alive with the sounds, smells, and flavors of plant-based cuisine. With a bustling atmosphere and a diverse crowd of attendees, the market offers a shared experience that celebrates the joys of veganism and the power of community. From families seeking a unique dining experience to friends gathering for a delicious night out, the Vegan Night Market has something for everyone.


New York City's First-Ever Vegan Night Market at Central Park's Wollman Rink is a groundbreaking event that brings together the best of plant-based cuisine. Through a wide range of vendors, the market highlights the creativity and talent within the vegan community, offering a diverse array of delicious and sustainable food choices. By supporting minority and women-owned businesses, the market provides a platform for underrepresented entrepreneurs to showcase their skills. With its free admission and affordable prices, the market welcomes everyone to explore the world of vegan cuisine. Whether you're a dedicated vegan or simply curious, this night market is a must-visit destination for food lovers looking to experience the vibrant and thriving vegan scene in New York City.

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