Carleigh Bodrug is a force to be reckoned with in the world of plant-based cooking and sustainability. With a passion for creating delicious meals while minimizing waste, Bodrug has become an inspiration for many aspiring chefs and eco-conscious individuals. From her early life and education to her career beginnings and the founding of PlantYou, Carleigh's journey of success and growth is nothing short of inspiring. In this article, we will dive deep into Carleigh Bodrug's life and explore her mission and vision for a more sustainable future through her upcoming cookbook, Scrappy Cooking.


Carleigh Bodrug's love for cooking and sustainability began at a young age. Growing up in a household where food was celebrated and waste was minimized, she developed a deep appreciation for the environment and the impact of our daily choices. This led her to pursue a career that combined her passion for cooking with her commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Early Life and Education

Carleigh Bodrug was born and raised in a small town, surrounded by nature. Her parents instilled in her a strong sense of environmental responsibility from an early age. They taught her the importance of reducing waste and conserving resources, values that would shape her future endeavors.

Carleigh's interest in cooking developed during her childhood, as she spent countless hours in the kitchen with her family. Under the guidance of her parents, Carleigh learned to create delicious meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This early exposure to the joys of cooking ignited a lifelong passion that would later drive her career.

After completing high school, Carleigh pursued her education at a renowned culinary institute. There, she honed her culinary skills and expanded her knowledge of the culinary arts. During her studies, Carleigh became increasingly aware of the environmental impact of traditional cooking practices, particularly in relation to food waste. This realization sparked a desire to explore alternative cooking methods that could minimize waste and promote sustainability.

Career Beginnings

Carleigh Bodrug's career in the culinary industry blossomed after she graduated from culinary school. She started working in various restaurants and gained experience in a wide range of cuisines. However, she felt a growing desire to make a positive impact on the environment through her cooking.

Driven by her passion for sustainability, Carleigh decided to embark on a new path. She began researching and experimenting with plant-based cooking and zero-waste techniques, determined to create a cookbook that would inspire others to adopt a more sustainable approach to food. It was during this time that the concept of PlantYou was born.

Founding of PlantYou

In 2018, Carleigh Bodrug founded PlantYou, an online platform dedicated to promoting plant-based cooking and sustainable living. The platform provides a wealth of resources, including recipes, tips, and educational content, to empower individuals to make conscious choices for their health and the planet.

PlantYou quickly gained traction and became a go-to resource for those interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Carleigh's innovative approach to cooking, coupled with her passion for sustainability, resonated with people from all walks of life. Through PlantYou, she began to build a community of individuals committed to creating positive change through their food choices.

Mission and Vision of PlantYou

Carleigh Bodrug's mission with PlantYou is to make plant-based cooking accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for everyone. She believes that by embracing plant-based ingredients and minimizing waste, individuals can not only improve their health but also become stewards of the environment.

PlantYou promotes the message that plant-based cooking doesn't have to be complicated or restrictive. Carleigh strives to show people how delicious and versatile plant-based meals can be. By incorporating a variety of plant-based recipes into their diets, individuals can reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Scrappy Cooking Cookbook

Carleigh Bodrug's upcoming cookbook, Scrappy Cooking, is set to revolutionize the way people approach plant-based cooking and food waste. The cookbook features over 140 delicious recipes that showcase creative ways to use commonly discarded ingredients, such as vegetable peels, stems, and scraps. By harnessing the full potential of ingredients, Carleigh aims to inspire readers to rethink their approach to cooking and waste.

The Concept of Plant-Based Zero-Waste Cooking

Plant-based zero-waste cooking is at the core of Carleigh's culinary philosophy. It involves using every part of a plant-based ingredient, from root to stem, to create flavorful and nutritious meals. By understanding the versatility of different ingredients, Carleigh shows readers how to maximize their usage while minimizing waste.

The concept of plant-based zero-waste cooking goes beyond simply reducing food waste. It also encompasses the use of sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, as well as mindful consumption practices. This holistic approach to cooking aligns with Carleigh's commitment to creating a more sustainable and ethical food system.

Key Features of the Cookbook

Scrappy Cooking offers a treasure trove of plant-based recipes that celebrate creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen. Each recipe is designed to make use of commonly discarded parts of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, breathing new life into overlooked ingredients.

The cookbook provides detailed instructions and tips on how to repurpose scraps and transform them into flavorful dishes. From cauliflower leaves to carrot tops, readers will discover a world of possibilities that can transform their meals and benefit the environment.

Additionally, Scrappy Cooking includes information on how to build a well-stocked pantry of plant-based ingredients, as well as practical tips for reducing waste in the kitchen. Carleigh's approach is rooted in simplicity and accessibility, making it easy for readers to embrace the principles of plant-based zero-waste cooking.

Release Date and Promotion of Scrappy Cooking

Carleigh Bodrug's highly anticipated cookbook, Scrappy Cooking, is scheduled to be released in April 2024. The release date aligns with Earth Month, symbolizing Carleigh's commitment to promoting sustainability and celebrating the natural world.

Leading up to the launch, Carleigh and the PlantYou team have planned an extensive promotional campaign to generate excitement and awareness about Scrappy Cooking. This includes collaborations with influencers, cooking demonstrations, and sneak peeks of some of the mouthwatering recipes featured in the book.

Carleigh Bodrug's Influence and Impact

Carleigh Bodrug's unwavering dedication to promoting plant-based cooking and sustainability has garnered attention and admiration from individuals and organizations around the world. Her influence extends far beyond the realm of cooking, inspiring countless people to make positive changes in their lives and communities.

Carleigh's authenticity and passion shine through in all her endeavors. Through her online platform, PlantYou, she has created a safe and inclusive space that encourages individuals to explore plant-based cooking at their own pace. Whether it's through her engaging cooking tutorials or thought-provoking blog posts, Carleigh has a unique ability to connect with her audience and inspire them to take action.

Recognition and Awards

Carleigh Bodrug's contributions to the culinary world and the sustainability movement have not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous accolades for her work, including awards highlighting her innovative approach to plant-based cooking and waste reduction.

Her dedication to promoting sustainable practices has been recognized by leading organizations and media outlets. Carleigh has been featured in prominent publications, invited to speak at conferences, and has even been a guest on cooking shows, where she shares her expertise and passion with a wider audience.

Future Plans and Projects

Carleigh Bodrug's journey of success and growth continues to evolve as she sets her sights on new projects and initiatives. PlantYou will continue to be a hub for all things plant-based and sustainable, offering resources and support for individuals who want to embrace a more mindful and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Carleigh also plans to expand her reach by collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to further promote sustainable cooking and waste reduction. She envisions partnerships that will create opportunities for education, advocacy, and positive change on a larger scale.

Additionally, Carleigh has expressed interest in developing more cookbooks in the future, each focusing on a different aspect of plant-based cooking and sustainability. Her goal is to provide individuals with a diverse range of resources that will empower them to make conscious choices in all areas of their lives.


Carleigh Bodrug's journey of success and growth is an inspiration to all who aspire to create positive change. Through her platform, PlantYou, and her upcoming cookbook, Scrappy Cooking, she is revolutionizing the way people approach plant-based cooking and waste reduction. Carleigh's unwavering dedication to promoting sustainability and her ability to connect with her audience have garnered recognition and admiration on a global scale. As we look to the future, Carleigh's influence will undoubtedly continue to inspire individuals to embrace a more sustainable, plant-based lifestyle.

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