Chipotle Mexican Grill, commonly known as Chipotle, is a renowned fast food chain that specializes in Mexican cuisine. With their focus on fresh and quality ingredients, it comes as no surprise that Chipotle has an extensive range of plant-based options on their menu. For all the vegans out there, Chipotle offers a variety of vegan-friendly options to satisfy your cravings. In this article, we will guide you through the plant-based options at Chipotle, helping you make informed decisions about what to order on your next visit.

What's Vegan At Chipotle? All The Plant-Based Options

Burritos, Tacos, and Salads

When it comes to vegan options at Chipotle, their burritos, tacos, and salads are a great place to start. By omitting meat and dairy, you can easily transform these dishes into delicious vegan meals. Chipotle offers a broad selection of vegan fillings to choose from, including rice, beans, sofritas, and various vegetables.

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans are staples of Mexican cuisine, and Chipotle does not disappoint in this regard. Their cilantro-lime rice and black beans are both vegan-friendly, providing a hearty and nutritious base for your meal. The rice is seasoned with fresh cilantro and tangy lime juice, adding a burst of flavor to every bite. The black beans are slow-cooked with garlic and spices, creating a rich and flavorful accompaniment to your dish.


For those looking for a protein-packed vegan option, look no further than Chipotle's sofritas. Made from organic tofu, simmered in a savory blend of spices, chipotle peppers, and poblano peppers, sofritas deliver a burst of flavor and a satisfying texture. Whether you choose to add it to your burrito, tacos, or salad, sofritas are sure to impress your taste buds and keep you feeling satisfied.


Chipotle offers a variety of fresh and grilled vegetables that are perfect for adding a burst of color and flavor to your meal. From fajita peppers and onions to roasted chili-corn salsa, these veggies are a delightful addition to any dish. You can also opt for the tomato salsa, lettuce, and guacamole to enhance the taste and texture of your vegan creation.

Chips and Guacamole

If you're craving a quick snack or a tasty side dish, look no further than Chipotle's chips and guacamole. These crispy tortilla chips are freshly made in-house and served with a generous portion of flavorful guacamole. Made from ripe avocados, onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime juice, the guacamole adds a creamy and tangy element to the crunchy chips. Both the chips and guacamole are vegan, making them an ideal addition to your meal.

Vegan “Lifestyle Bowls”

In recent years, Chipotle introduced their “Lifestyle Bowls” menu, catering to specific dietary preferences. Within this menu, they offer a vegan bowl called the “Vegan Bowl.” This bowl includes sofritas, brown rice, black beans, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa, and lettuce. It's a well-rounded and satisfying option for vegans who prefer a convenient and ready-made meal at Chipotle.

Limited-Time Vegan Offerings

Chipotle occasionally introduces limited-time vegan offerings to their menu, providing even more options for plant-based eaters. In the past, they have featured a vegan chorizo option made from a blend of grains, vegetables, and spices. These limited-time offerings are a testament to Chipotle's commitment to providing a diverse and exciting dining experience for all their customers, including those with vegan dietary preferences.

Vegan Drinks

While food is undoubtedly the star of the show at Chipotle, let's not forget about their beverage options. Chipotle offers a range of vegan drink choices to complement your meal. From their refreshing fountain drinks to their assortment of bottled beverages, you can rest assured that there are no hidden animal-derived ingredients. Additionally, they offer freshly brewed iced tea, both sweetened and unsweetened, for those looking for a lighter and more natural beverage option.


Chipotle understands the importance of providing options for all dietary preferences, including veganism. With their customizable menu, you can easily create a delicious and satisfying vegan meal at Chipotle. From their burritos, tacos, and salads to their vegan fillings like sofritas, rice, beans, and various vegetables, there are endless possibilities to explore. Don't forget to try their chips and guacamole for a delightful snack or side dish. And keep an eye out for limited-time vegan offerings and their convenient vegan “Lifestyle Bowls.” So, the next time you're in the mood for Mexican cuisine, head to Chipotle and enjoy their wide array of vegan options. Happy eating!

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